Prepared and paid for by Friends of Amani Johnson, 29726 Somerset Drive, Southfield, MI 48076

Amani's agenda for Southfield is a strategic plan that will improve quality of life for our residents and attract new residents to our city. I will fight to expand our tax base and increase revenue for the city while saving residents money at City Hall by investing in:

Our Students

I will work to build a working relationship with the School Board and create a city-wide internship program that will allow for students to gain valuable experience in government, human resources, public relations, business, the arts, and more. 

Our Neighborhoods

We must repair failing infrastructure in our neighborhoods to preserve homes for future generations.


To alleviate financial stress due to Southfield's high tax burden, we should implement incentives for new home-ownership in Southfield.  

Our Small Businesses

Small businesses have been largely ignored in Southfield over the decades and our citizens do not have a significant stake in our small business community.


We should require space for small businesses in large developments, pass a zoning diversity ordinance, and give preference to local businesses in purchasing. 

Working Families

Southfield is over 70% black, but the people in charge at city hall do not reflect our diversity.


We need to practice diversity in our hiring practices and in awarding city contracts. I will also push to require contractors to adopt anti-discrimination policies.